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​Miyake Sake Brewery

We have brewed sake for 202 years.
about us

about us

Miyake Sake Brewery

917, nakano, kasai city,

675-2102, Hyogo, Japan

TEL : +81-790ー49ー0003

Email :

Our history

        Miyake Sake Brewery was established in 1819 by the founder, Saijiro Miyake,in the northern area of Rokkosan-mountain. In this small area, there are three villages and has been famed as a district for special sake rice. In one of the three villages, our family has continued to brew sake for 202 year. Shin-ichiro, the 6th head of the family, manages the company today. Ayaka, the first female head in family history, are going to inherit the company next summer as the 7th leader in the family. 

        Our craft approach to sake brewing has not been changed since it was founded. We have traditionally valued the locality and have not compromise on quality. We always use both groundwater of local small river, Manganji river, and special rice, Yamada-nishiki, grown with the same water. We emphasize “made and supplied in the local area" like Terroir tradition in wine production.

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        Yamada-nishiki is well-known as ‘the Queen of Sake rice’.

In the old days, sake breweries used local water and local rice. However, almost all Japanese breweries today brew sake, not using the local rice, but using Yamada-nishiki, the 60 % of which was cultivated in Hyogo prefecture. The rice was originally developed to fit the soil and the climate of the three villages about 100 years ago. Since its reputation was gradually enhanced, the number of breweries around the country who used it were increasing. This means most Japanese sake breweries lost the traditional Terroir approach. Only three breweries, including us, still do sake business in the original small area. We take pride in adopt Terroir approach in the famed village.

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Thank you for asking us!

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